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This is the starting point to discuss anything and everything related to this horrible event. There have been a slew of ideas, conclusions and conspiracy theories thrown across the internet and social media. Along with those we've seen many uninformed or misinformed individual sounding off. As always Glibz is about bringing disparate ideas and opinions into a more cohesive and (hopefully) educated discussion.

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  •  Redbone: 

    Has anyone confirmed any ballistics yet. All from same guns that Paddock used?


    2 points
  •  LawGuy: 

    ***Regarding the multiple rifles of same type and modifications***

    I can't speak directly since I'm not investigating or privy to anything on that crime. All I will say is the gross redundancy of the same firearm for a single shooter is unheard of. About the only thing I could think of as a reason (if Paddock was acting alone) is he experienced operation malfunctions (jams, overheating, stock breaking, etc) when he presumably practiced with this particular type of weaponry.

    If he truly was hellbent on ensuring maximum damage and mayhem perhaps he erred on the side of over compensating with a number of rifles loaded and ready, cycling thru them to prevent overheating and having redundancy should anything happen. 

    Still odd and unseen in my experience but at least it is a possibility.

    2 points
  •  FreakyDeeky: 

    Maybe someone could start posting or sharing links for videos here. Might help others analyze better

    2 points
  •  Foxfire: 

    Posted a question in this Glibz forum. Anyone with military experience please sound off

    4 points
  •  VegasShooter: 

    Excited to start working with others across the internet on this.

    4 points
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