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A great many Americans were ecstatic to have Trump elected as our President. Why? Not because he was some hyped messiah (like his predecessor) but because he was everything that Washington wasn't. A individual in the private sector, not born and bread into politics.

This isn't a deficit at all. Politicians are a breed in themselves. America was in desperate need of someone who was outside that proverbial swamp and would step up to undo much of the bureaucracy & corruption. In that respect he's a lot like the last great president. Ronald Reagan.

This myGlibz is a place where I will set forth a list of crucial things President Trump should be incorporating into his presidency to ensure the absolute best outcome for this term and the next.

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This is one of the most simple to argue & push for - making English the official language of the United States of America. Heck, the average American already thinks it is official. But it's sadly not. Of course most should think it is our language. It's been the spoken language since the British…
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Great State of the Union - love my President
2018.03.25 (483 days ago)
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