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Chris Hemsworth by Gage Skidmore.jpgTessa Thompson by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
While no official announcements have been made the buzz is strong that Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson are the likely acting duo to helm the unnamed movie in development which is to continue the MEN IN BLACK saga.

Set to release in June 2019 - there will be a few conspicuous omissions

Agent Zed - portrayed by actor Rip Torn

Agent J - portrayed by actor Tommy Lee Jones

Agent K - portrayed by actor Will Smith


On a more cynical & sarcastic note, there is talk the franchise name is offensive to those in the "non-gender" communities as well as to those of color. In an effort to appease these groups while maintaining the catchy and memorable MIB brand and hashtag - the following has been thrown out for consideration


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