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Twitter is buzzing with indignant fury as of late. The target of its faux rage? None other than Starlord himself. Actor Chris Pratt. The focus revolves around his attending an "anti-gay" church and apparently the fact he has/does hunt animals on occasion. Let's focus on the hunting issue.

There are a good number of self-righteous humanity monitors who take great offense to the fact some humans take pleasure in the hunting of animals. Some do it for the thrill of the hunt. Others for the ample food from the kill. Some do it for the bonding and time spent in the outdoors with family and friends. Most do it for some combination of it all.

None of this matters to the self-declared superior in the social justice warrior battle. It's more a battle of one since it revolves around emotional outbursts to offset the inner rage and emotional imbalance those individuals suffer from. One has to wonder though, is there any semblance of self-awareness in those quasi-warriors? Reality is the overwhelming majority of those attacking Mr. Pratt for obliviously do so why munching on their Whopper or McChicken sandwich. It doesn't occur to them the hypocrisy of eating animals on a daily basis while trying to claim the moral high ground against someone who actually kills the source of their own sustenance.

Anyone who's witnessed the "living" conditions for livestock and food animals bred to be butchered knows full well the extent of the disconnect. The point is that 98% of Americans eat meat. Less than 0.5% pf Americans identify as strict Vegan. All others are hypocritical fools to sound of as voices of authority against Chris Pratt or anyone who hunts an animal that will be used for its meat. And reality is even the meat of trophy animals killed for their furs are usually given to local tribes who graciously appreciate the break from constant threat of starvation for the bountiful food source.

Come to think of it. In this modern era of "anti-shaming" why is it okay for a vegan (or clueless meat-eater) to carnivore-shame someone. As if they have the moral high ground. Does that mean that lions, tigers and the thousands of other species of carnivores (including over 600 carnivorous plant species) are somehow evil or worth lesser in the world the judgmental SJW creates in their mind?

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